I am not a hater

I am not a hater.

I am worried about the amount of direct and indirect hate that the media and social media has produced in the last few weeks.

If you have liked or shared something on social media that suggests the ‘they’ “should go back to where they came from” then you are a hater. There are no ifs and buts; there are no exceptions or get out clauses.

I am a quiet and reserved person and its about time I spoke up, for if I do not speak up now, when will I?

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ChatOps / DevOps

ChatOps is a ‘thing’ and apparently a new thing too!

Though, of course, I was doing this over 10 years ago.

Using BitlBee to link up or bridge multiple chat systems, jabber, IRC, yahoo, aol and msn and then having a IRC simple bot that could message chatrooms or people direct when there were incidents, or allowing people to request the chatbot to perform actions. BitlBee is an awesome bit of software, allows you to glue all the various IM systems together and present as a single interface, well worth taking a look at!

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Message Queues

I started writing this back November 2015, however a Raspberry Pi Zero, Christmas, a holiday and then a Particle electron have all delayed the completion until today.

This is to be the first in a series of blogs where I will endeavour to explain something about computer programming and how I am going to use it in one of my projects.

One of the ideas knocking around in my head is to create a system to rival google photos. Which is a pretty tall order, however I do not need to support millions of users and petabytes of data, so I can make some simplifications!

As part of my loose design, I have identified that I will need to use a messaging system to pass data between different parts of the system to allow actions to be taken, processes to run etc. asynchronously.

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On Reboot

This is one for the unix types.

There are a few commands that you can add into your crontabs that I had not heard about until recently, aparently they have been there years!

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Improving command line programs

A couple of things surfaced recently that made me think about how people go about delivering software that just runs in a console (ie without a GUI).

First up a colleague provided a piece of software that I needed to review, followed by a group of node programs that were recommended by a website article.

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Blog back online

Its been a while but finally got the blog website back up and running on a new server. No new blog items yet, just getting things sorted to help with the publishing of image galleries. Its my intention to start adding all my old galleries that are available on FB and g+ here to expand their audience as not everyone I know uses these social sites. Not only that, I probably should not rely on those sites to be the autorative store of my photos.

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More updates

So in the last month I have added a number of new modules and made lots of changes to my bin repo. App::Basis::ConvertText2 and App::Basis::ConvertText2::UtfTransform are both new. App::Basis and Device::Hypnocube have both had updates.

  • App-Basis-0.9
    • Basis for simple applications
  • Device-Hypnocube-1.7
    • Control a hypnocube http://www.hypnocube.com/
  • App-Basis-ConvertText2-0.4
    • Convert a special format of Markdown to other formats
  • App-Basis-ConvertText2-UtfTransform-0.2
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Perl modules updated

Got round to some minor updates to my perl modules and updated

  • App-Basis-0.5
    • Basis for simple applications
  • App-Basis-Email-0.2
    • Adding a simple way to send text and html/markdown emails
  • App-Basis-Queue-0.3
    • A basic queuing system
  • Device-Hypnocube-1.2
    • Control a hypnocube http://www.hypnocube.com/
  • Net-Graylog-Client-0.3 Send data to a Graylog server for analysis
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Getting up to date with perl

Date Category Perl Tags perl

What you need to know when you return to perl”

I have been asked by someone who is returning to perl after an absence of many many years

I’ve been playing with Perl since around 1998 and have done plenty of things since then, but I feel I’ve been spending too much time working over the last few years and have gone stale on my knowledge. I have identified I really need to start upgrading my skills to Modern Perl working practices as I’m feeling a bit of dinosaur at the moment”

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